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    Small class sizes, indiIMG    Versionvidualized instruction,
    life skills training, and intensive teacher
    involvement provide the foundation of Aim
    High's educational model. Students with
    language-based learning differences, anxiety
    disorders, and attention deficits thrive at Aim
    High and ultimately obtain a Michigan high
    school diploma--essential for an independent
    and productive adulthood.

    As an independent school, donations are critical for
    covering the difference between tuition and what it
    costs to provide Aim High's proven educational model
    to our students. There are many ways you can support
    Aim High and our students. Whether it is through financial
    donations or volunteering your time--your support is vital
    to Aim High.

Annual Giving
Aim High’s Annual Giving consists of donations made by parents, grandparents, and other supporters of Aim High and is used to support our operating budget. Annual Giving, at whatever amount your circumstances will allow, is an investment in the daily education of the young men and women of Aim High. It is also an investment in supporting the future of the Aim High educational model so that it can help teens with these learning challenges and their families for years to come. Donations to Annual Giving are unrestricted and tax deductible.

Tuition Assistance
We believe Aim High should be open to and affordable as possible for all qualified students. Our Tuition Assistance is a growing part of Aim High’s fundraising efforts. You may designate your donation to Aim High Tuition Assistance and help make a difference to a teen who would benefit from attending Aim High, but whose family may need support. Donations are tax deductible.

Corporate Matching
More than 500 companies will match their employee contributions to Aim High. Many match 1:1, some even double or triple employee contributions. Please obtain a matching form from your company, complete it, and send it to Aim High/Development Office. We’ll verify your contribution and return the form to your company.

Transferring Gifts

Aim High School accepts gifts of stocks, bonds and marketable securities. A contribution of stock or securities can often result in both a tax savings on capital gains as well as the charitable deduction of the full value of the gift. By law, the gift value is determined by the day of transfer - the date on which the security has been fully transferred into the Aim High School brokerage account. The average stock price for the day is taken as the stock's value....more...

Gifts in Kind
Gifts in Kind are donations of supplies or goods (instead of money). As a school, Aim High has to decline items that we cannot make good use of or that may require maintenance. Please contact our Director of Administration & Advancement to discuss any Gifts in Kind you may be considering.

There are many ways to give your time to Aim High. From volunteering at the school or in a classroom, doing an at-home project, helping at a special event, providing an educational or recreational opportunity for our students, or organizing a fundraiser—your time, expertise and involvement strengthen the Aim High community. Contact our Director of Administration & Advancement to discuss volunteering at Aim High.

Like all independent schools, our goal is to have 100% participation in Annual Giving. Robust participation in Annual Giving by parents, staff, and our board affirms our mission and influences outside donors and foundations as many consider participation rates before committing financial support to a school.

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Questions? Contact our Director of Administration & Advancement at

Aim High School is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Gifts received with no exchange for goods and services are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.