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ABA Pathways
A Circle of Hope
Assessment and Therapy Associates
Birmingham Neuropsychological Services - Dr. Lauren Worrall
Center for Neuropsychology, Learning & Development (CNLD)
Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks (CALO)
EMU Autism Collaborative Center
Family Connections of Michigan
Gateway Pediatric Therapy
Harbor Oaks Hospital
Impact-Full Coaching
Jessica Humiston, Professional Counselor
Kids in Motion - Pediatric Therapy Services
Levine Benjamin Law Firm
Lindsay Buckley Ludtke - Occupational Therapist
Literacy, Language, and Learning Institute
Mallory B. Schwartz, M.A., LLPC - Mental Health Therapist/Schwartz Therapy
Max Well Physical Therapy & Massage
McCaskill Family Services
Mind Matters Family Neuropsychology
Natasha Kendal (Dr. Supernanny)
Oakland Neuropsychology Center - Isabelle Beaulieu PhD
Sally Bloch, PhD, LP - Individual and Family Psychotherapy
Stern Law, PLLC: The CP Lawyer
Synergy Occupational Therapy

Ann Arbor Academy
Brightmont Academy
Clonlara School
Eton Academy
Greenhills School
K12 Academics
Lindamood-Bell Learning
Living and Learning Enrichment Center
St. Francis Camp on the Lake 
The Bluffs Rehab

Ann Arbor Area ADHD/ADD Support Group
Autism Alliance of Michigan
Autism Society Oakland County
Autism Society of Michigan
Autism Speaks
Autism Support Resource Center
Cerebral Palsy Group
Community Housing Network
Delphi Behavioral Health Group
Friends of Different Learners
Grandparents as Parents
Judson Center Autism Connections
Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan
Living and Learning Enrichment Programs
Livingston Educational Service Agency Parent Advisory Committee
Merlin's KIDS
Michigan Alliance for Families
Michigan Teen Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers
Starr Commonwealth
Wish Upon a Teen


A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Your Home
A Financial Guide to Home Adaptation If You Have A Disability
A Guide for Students with Autism
A Guide to Supporting STEM Education for Students with Disabilities
A Guide to Common Mental Health Issues in Teenagers
A Guide to Smart Home Tech for the Disabled and Elderly
A Guide to Home Repair Grants for Veterans
A Homeowner's Guide to Creating a Sensory-Friendly Space for Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders
A Landlord & Tenant's Guide to Renting with a Disability
A Lost Generation: Opioids and Young Adults
A New Approach Treating Military Trauma and Addiction
A Parent's Guide for Children with Special Needs in the Dental Office
A Parent's Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online
A Senior's Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Home from Coronavirus 
A Veteran's Guide to Starting a Business
Abbeycare Foundation - Helping You Beat Drug & Alcohol Addiction

About Postpartum Depression
Addiction and Sleep
Addiction Counselor Education
Addiction Group
Addiction Rehab Centers 
Addiction Rehab Treatment Services in Michigan
Addiction Treatment During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Addiction Treatment and Recovery Guide for Disabled People
Addiction Treatment Services in Michigan
Alcohol/Alcohol Use Disorder
Alcohol Rehab Help: Find Freedom From Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol Rehab: What is Alcohol Addiction?
Alcohol: Rehab & Recovery
Alcohol Shakes and Tremors
All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits
Alzheimer's Support
Amazing Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for Seniors
Anatomy of a Fever: A Guide to Its Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities
Assisted Living Benefits for Veterans
Assisted Living in Michigan
Assisted Living Options for Low-Income EldersAutism, ADHD, and Sleep
Authority Dental: Trustworthy Dental Information 
Autism & Dental Care
Autism and Sleep
Autism Home Support Services
Autism in the Teen Years: What to Expect, How to Help
Autism SourceAward-Winning Ideas To Save Energy At Home
Autism Stimming, Hand Flapping and Other Self Stimulatory Behaviors

Bathroom Modifications for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Bedrock Recovery Center
Benefits of Creating a Career Development Plan
Best Electric Wheelchairs
Best Home Modifications for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder
Best Mattress For Elderly: Tips and Reviews
Best Walk-in Tubs
Binge Drinking on College Campuses 
Birdhouse of Autism
Birth Injuries
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator
Business Programs and Resources for Entrepreneurs or Graduates with a Disability

Calculate Your BAC
Cancer and Mental Health
Can You Get Disability for Mental Illness?
Career Skills Comparison Tool
Career Guide for People with Disabilities
Caregiving at an Early Age
Car Safety for Dogs
Car Insurance for Drivers with Disabilities' guide
Cerebral Palsy and Autism
Cerebral Palsy Group - What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy Guidance
Cerebral Palsy Symptoms
Children's Sleep Guide
Child Sex Abuse - Helping a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused
Chime Bank - Financial Blog
Choking and the Heimlich Maneuver
Choosing the Right Rehab
Clinical Trials on the Effects of Vaping
Cocaine Addiction and Treatment
Cocaine Health Effects
COVID 19 Outbreak Can Be Stressful for People: Here’s How You Can Manage Stress in a Healthy Way
College for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Students, Families, and Educators
College Resources for Disabled Students: Best Colleges, Gov't Programs, Scholarships & Helpful Apps
College Resources for Students with Mental Health Problems
College Substance Abuse Statistics, Facts, & Recovery
Complete Guide to Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
Complete Guide to Vision, Eye Care & LASIK

Comprehensive List of Native American Grants
Consumer Safety Guide
Coronavirus Scams – Real-World Examples & What to Watch Out For

Coronavirus Statistics
Counseling Degree Guide
Counseling Degrees Online
COVID-19 and Our Mental Health

Dealing with Anxiety in Academics
Detox Local: College Students' Guide to Withdrawal and Detox
Detox Local: Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in Farmington Hills
Detox Local: Teen and Young Adult Addiction Guide
Different Types of Open Wounds and How to Treat Them
Digital Resources for Students with Autism
Disability Financial Support & Assistance Guide
DMV Practice Test
Does Medicare Cover Dental
Down Syndrome & Dental Care
Designing the Perfect Home Playroom for Children with Autism
Detox to Rehab Disability Accommodations Guide
Drivers Education Course
Drug Abuse and Bullying
Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups
Drug and Alcohol Rehab for College Students
Drug Dangers  
Drug Rehab Centers in Michigan
Drug Rehab Connections
Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Guide
Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties in Adults

E, F, G
Effects of Drug Addiction on Oral Health
Elder Fraud Prevention
Emotional Support Animal Laws
Entertainment Resources for Seniors
Estate and Financial Planning Guide for Families of Children with Special Needs
Estate Planning in the Age of COVID-19
Facts About Teen Drug Use
Fall Prevention Facts & Tips
Family Emergency & Unexpected Bills Resources
Fentanyl Safety Guide
Financial Assistance & Funding Options for Assisted Living / Senior Living
Financial Help for Single Moms
Financial Resources and Discounts for Students with Disabilities
Find the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape
Four Stages of Alcoholism
Free Grants for Felons
Free Grants for Veterans
Free Grants for Women 
Free Virtual Support and Online Addiction Meetings 
Free Virtual Support Meetings
Free Rehab Guide
Fully Accessible Guide to Accessible Inclusive Playground and Playsets
Fully Accessible Guide to Smart Home Tech for the Disabled and Elderly
Grants for Senior Citizens
Guide for Single-Parent First-Time Homebuyers: 10 Tips for Single-Income Success
Grants for Single Mothers
Guide to Disability Claims
Guide to Financial Help for Single Parents Raising Kids in 2021
Guide to Finding Credible Medical Advice
Guide to Hearing Health
Guide to Low Cost or Free Rehab Options

H, I, J
Handicap Parking Permit Guide for People with Disabilities
Healthy Sleep for New and Expecting Parents
Helping Families Combat the Dangers of Vaping 
Helping People with Disabilities Relocate
Home Modifications and Accommodations for Seniors
Home Ownership for People With Disabilities
Home Safety for People with Disabilities
How Addiction Often Leads to Codependency in Family Relationships
How Long Does It Take to Sober Up?
How Much Vaneers Cost and Ways to Pay for Vaneers
How Sleep Affects Autism
How to Apply to College: The Ultimate Guide
How to Avoid Mobile & Smartphone Scams
How to Get a Service Dog: A Practical Guide
How to Help Parents of Children with Special Needs Avoid Isolation 
How to Financially Prepare for a Baby
How to Find a State-Funded Rehabilitation Center
How To Identify Hazards in the School
How to Keep Your Home Safe

How To Manage Screen Time and Bedtime
How to Overcome the Difficulties of Getting a Driver's License with Autism
How to Prevent Alcoholism
How To Prevent Teenage Drug Use and Abuse
How to Stop Snoring
How to support a pupil with Asperger's Syndrome
How to support a pupil with dyslexia
How to Teach Kids About Body Awareness
Inpatient Rehab Centers
Insurance Coverage for Alcoholism Treatment
Internet Safety for Kids & Teens
Is a Therapy Dog Right for Your Child With Autism
Juicing Calculator for Recipes

K, L, M, N
K12 Academics
Kid Safety – A Step-By-Step Guide to Childproofing Your Home
Know Your DNA
Learning Disorders and Law School: Strategies and Resources
Liingo Eyewear - Virtual Try On
List of College Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students With Disabilities
Lung Cancer Center
Making Homes Affordable for Families
Making Your Home Disability Friendly
Mental Health Issues Affecting Students in College and High School
Mental Health Scholarships
Maternal Mental Health
Medicaid Long Term Care Guide
Medical Assistant Programs and Career Guide
Medication Disposal: How to correctly get rid of unused medication
Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)
Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan
Medication Management for People with Disabilities
Melatonin & Pregnancy    
Memory Care Facilities
Memory Care Resources for Veterans
Mental Health and Addiction Guide
Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19
Mesothelioma & Seniors
Mesothelioma and Smoking
Mesothelioma Legal Assistance
Mesothelioma: Resources for Patients and Their Families
Michigan Driving Practice Test
Michigan Teen Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers
Michigan Treatment Centers
Mindfulness for Students: 5 Benefits & 6 Techniques
Minimalism for Students: Adopting a New Lifestyle in 7 Steps
New Mouth - Dental Resource

O, P, Q, R
Online Counseling and Mental Health Resources
Online Science Library Degrees
Online Speech Language Pathology Programs
Outpatient Rehab Programs
Parents' Guide: So Your Child Has Been Diagnosed with Autism...
Parent's Guide to a Healthier Children's Sleep
Parent's Guide to Skin Conditions: From Infant to Teenager
Photophobia & Light Sensitivity in Children
Planning Trips for Children with Autism  
Playgrounds for All Children: A Guide to Lighting and Designing Play Areas for Kids with Special Needs
Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment
Prescription Medication Disposal Guide
Preventing Digital Eye Strain
Products and Materials that Include Asbestos
Psychology Degrees 
Recovering Champions
Recycle Pill Bottles

Reducing Smoking Among Teens
Rehab and Covid
RehabSpot - Find a Treatment Center
Remote Work and Mental Health: A Young Professional's Guide
Resources for Students with ADHD
Retirement Homes Near Me
Rx Dangers

S, T, U
Scholarships for Students with Mental Health Problems
School-Life Balance: Well-Being Comes First 
Senior Driving Courses & Resources
Senior Fitness Guide
Senior Guidance
Senior's Guide to Healthy Eating
Senior Housing for Low Income Residents
Sensory Overload
Sensory Overload: A Guide for People with Low Vision
Signs of Addiction
Signs of a Prescription Drug Overdose
Silent Professionals- Private Security Jobs
Simple Tips to Prevent Porch Piracy
Sleep: A Guide for People With Physical Disabilities
Sleep and Aging: Improving Sleep Quality in the Elderly
Sleep and Autism
Sleep Guidance for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sleep Guide for People with Disabilities
Sleep Help People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sleep Problems and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sleeping and Sensory Processing Disorder
Smoothie Calorie Calculator
Sober Nation
Social Media Safety Guide for Parents
Social Security Benefits Guide
Solutions and Prevention of Cyber Bullying Among Youth – Complete Guide 2020
Special Education and Disabilities
Special Education: History, Resources, Advice.
Special Need Child Learning Styles
Start Your Recovery  
Stimulants vs Depressants
Stress and Anxiety - Difference, Signs and Treatment
Student Guide to Social Media
Substance Abuse in College Students

Substance Abuse Prevention
Suicide Prevention: A Public Health Crisis?
Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression up 235% During Covid-19 Pandemic
Talking to Children and Teens About Drugs
Talking to Teens about Drugs and Alcohol: A Guide for Parents
Tax Debt and Mental Health
TBH Meaning + Online Slang Parents Should Know
Teaching Math and Computer Science to Kids with Special Needs
Technology Guide for People with Disabilities
Telltale Symptoms Of Children Using Drugs
The Art of Kicking! | Marsden Swim School
The Connection Between Bad Teeth and Genes
The Emergence of Teletherapy
The Enlightened Guide to Helping Senior Citizens Relocate
The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability  
The Guide for Students with Autism 
The Link Between Autism and Sleep Issues
The Parent’s Guide to Water Safety for Kids
The Ultimate Disability Accommodation Guide
The Ultimate Survival Food List for a Family of 4
Things to Know About Life Insurance During Covid-19
Tips for Speech Therapy at Home for Children with Autism
Tips for Traveling with Autistic Children
Top Mental Health Apps
Top-Rated, Low-Cost Rehabs
Travel Guide for Persons with Disabilities
Ultimate Disability Accommodation Guide

Ultimate Guide to Home Organization
Ultimate Guide to University Admission Interviews
Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use
Understanding Suicide: Dispelling the Myths

V, W, X, Y, Z
Veterans Assisted Living Assessment and Benefits
Video Game Addiction Facts
Virtual Support Meetings
We Connect Now
What Are Vaneers?
What Can I Do If An Elderly Family Member Lives in a Nursing Home with a Covid-19 Outbreak?
What is Financial Abuse?
What is Not Covered by Medicare?

What Should I Do With My Old Prescription Drugs?  
What You Need to Know About Speech Delays in Toddlers
Which US Campuses are the Most Disability Friendly?
Wifi Internet Safety
Wrightslaw Special Education Law Advocacy
Your DNA test suggests you might be at risk, here’s what to do next
Your Guide to Better Sleep and Mental Health
Your Homeowners Insurance
Zantac (Ranitidine) Lawyers: Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Class Action Lawsuits

5 Facts Teens Should Know About Drugs and Alcohol
5 Signs Your Teen Is Using Opioids and 5 Factors That Put Them at Risk
6 Tax Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs
7 Warning Signs Your Child May Have a Vision Problem
9 Safety Tips When Dining Out in a Post-Pandemic World
10 Medications You Shouldn't Mix with Alcohol
10 Things You Can Do with Your 23andMe Test Results
10 Tips for Getting Your Autistic Child Through a Haircut
12 Ways to Prevent, and Respond to, ASD Wandering
15 Behavior Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum
20 Tips for Keeping Your Child with Special Needs Safe in Your Home
30 Budget-Friendly Ways to Baby Proof Your Whole House
49 Key Lung Cancer Statistics
55 Ways to Save Money on Internet Safety: The DEFINITIVE Guide
60+ Discounts, Health Care Resources, and Helpful Programs for People with Disabilities
60+ Texting and Driving Statistics 2019
63 Places Offering Discounts for People with Disabilities
100+ Resources, Tips, and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled

Autistic Home Decorating: Make Your Home Autism Friendly
Cleaner Indoor Air & Chemical Sensitivities

Creating a Home Atmosphere of Solitude to Help Cope with Adult Autism
Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Disabled Home Modification Checklists and Funding
Discipline Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Do Sensory Processing Issues Get Better Over Time?

Financial Assistance for Disabled Homeowners and Tenants
For Educators: Strategies for Working With Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Helping Asperger’s Teens To Survive and Thrive: 15 Key Steps
Home Modifications and Selling Your Home
How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities
How to Create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids
How to Help Your Child with ASD Overcome Her Fear of the Dentist and Establish Lifelong Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits
Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home

Moving for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Raising Children on a Single or Fixed Income
Renters’ Rights for People with Disabilities

Special Needs Safety Around Construction Sites
The Best Activities for Special Needs 
The Best Strategies for Calming Autistic Tantrums and Meltdowns

The Top 3 Challenges to Finding a Babysitter for Your Special Needs Child — and How to Overcome Themt
The Complete Guide to Looking After Your Mental Health While Travelling
The Complete Guide to Money Management for Single Parents
Expert Ways to Help Tame Tantrums and Manage Meltdowns
How Nutrition Impacts Children With Autism
8 solutions for a picky eater with autism and sensory food aversions
15 Activities, Teaching Strategies, and Resources for Teaching Children with Autism
13 Tips On How To Bathe A Child With Autism Easily
How to Help Your Child with Autism Cope During and After a Move
Sensory-Friendly Home Modifications for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder
How to Make Exercise More Fun for Children with Autism


ABA Pathways
ABA Pathways brings an in-depth understanding in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their goal is to establish appropriate behaviors and skills through motivating and meaningful behavior analytic sessions. Services are provided at home, in the community, and in coordination with school programs using a person-centered approach that focuses on individual needs and goals. They believe in working with and providing family and para-professional training to empower and sustain positive behavior changes....more...

A Circle of Hope
A Circle of Hope provides therapeutic educational consulting and placement services. Founder and owner, Connie Wood MS, has a background in Clinical Psychology and almost 10 years specializing in providing residential program and school options to her clients. Issues facing their clients include attention and learning disorders, mood, anxiety and other psychiatric diagnoses, adoption and attachment concerns, Autism Spectrum diagnoses, and substance abuse treatment needs. Programs referred to include wilderness therapy programs, therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers and young adult transition, and college support programs....more... 

Ann Arbor Academy
Ann Arbor Academy is a private, co-educational day school for students with learning differences in grades four through twelve. They are dedicated to helping students, particularly those with AD/HD, autism spectrum disorder, and language-based learning disabilities build a foundation for academic and social success. A college preparatory curriculum and supportive social setting help to prepare students for the demands of higher education and the workplace. Ann Arbor Academy's strengths-based approach provides an ideal environment for students to build academic skills, self-confidence, and the foundation for lifelong learning....more...

Ann Arbor Area ADHD/ADD Support Group
This is an Ann Arbor Area support group for parents of children and teens with ADD/ADHD and adults with ADD/ADHD. Their mission is to provide local resources, education, and support to its members. An officially recognized CHADD satellite group, they welcome those individuals with the diagnosis, wondering about the diagnosis, parents, caregivers, teachers, mental health professionals, and all others who are interested....more...

Assessment and Therapy Associates of Michigan
Assessment and Therapy Associates of Michigan offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations. Our assessments provide important and useful information for those who are looking to maximize functioning in school, work, and/or in their daily lives. A customized battery of tests made specifically for each individual determines strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are made on how to utilize strengths and address challenges. In addition, a list of appropriate school, home, standardized testing, and/or other environmental accommodations will be included along with any excellent referrals for appropriate services. Contact Dr. Lori Radner at 248-788-6400 Ext. 2.....more....

Autism, ADHD, and Sleep
Sleep problems are common among children and adults with autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While those with autism spectrum disorder or ADHD may be more commonly affected by sleep disorders and other sleep challenges, a lack of sleep can exacerbate symptoms of autism or ADHD. However, with healthy sleep habits and treatment, sleep problems and the daytime challenges they present may be alleviated or eliminated...more...

Autism Alliance of Michigan
The Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM) is leading collaborative efforts across the state that will improve the quality of life for individuals with autism through education, access to comprehensive services, community awareness, inclusion efforts, and coordinated advocacy...more...

Autism Society Oakland County
The Autism Society Oakland County was founded in 1985 by a group of concerned parents. Today it is one of over 200 Chapters of the Autism Society of America (ASA). The ASA is the oldest autism advocacy group in the country. The Autism Society Oakland County (ASOC) is also one of 13 Chapters in Michigan. Our membership is open to all those who care about people with autism....more... 

Autism Society of Michigan
ASM is committed to empowering individuals with autism and their families by offering educational resources and materials, workshops, seminars and other services....more...

Autism Source

The Autism Source Resource Database, created in 2004, is the most comprehensive database of its kind. The Autism Society strives to offer only credible and reliable resources to their constituents by employing a nationwide network of affiliates and collaborating with other autism organizations and professionals throughout the U.S....more...

Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Their longtime friend Bernie Marcus donated $25 million to help financially launch the organization. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families....more...

Autism Support & Resource Center
ASRC is a charitable organization that provides support, assistance, and advocacy for Genesee County families living with Autism. Support group meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month....more...

Birdhouse for Autism
Birdhouse replaces your paper behavioral notebook and gives you a private, safe, & convenient place to store all aspects of your son's or daughter's day. Recurring activities like medications, supplements, and therapies can be assigned schedules....more...

Birmingham Neuropsychological Services - Dr. Lauren Worrall
Dr. Worrall's focus is on exploring and understanding the whole child and their strengths and challenges to best help them to be successful. Her area of expertise and passion is providing neuropsychological and psychological assessments/testing for children and adolescents (with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, social/emotional difficulties, brain injury, and other neurodevelopmental disorders), as well as providing therapy and consultation services....more...

Brightmont Academy
Brightmont Academy offers a new beginning for students with learning disabilities, emotional issues, and health concerns. Its one-to-one instruction fully accommodates the unique needs of each individual. Students can enroll in full-time private school, an individual course, or tutoring....more...

Center for Neuropsychology, Learning & Development (CNLD)
NLD offers comprehensive assessment services including neuropsychological, psychological, and developmental evaluations. Dr. Roger Lauer and his staff provide therapy case management, advocacy, and treatment planning to implement educational recommendations and interventions, along with school consultation and staff development. Their clinic is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan....more...

Cerebral Palsy Group
The Cerebral Palsy Group is an organization that provides free educational information and support to those who have been affected by cerebral palsy....more...

Cerebral Palsy Guidance
Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder marking muscle coordination. In most cases, cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that develops while the baby is still in utero or during or shortly after birth. Comprehensive information about cerebral palsy and most common types can be found at

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms
Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, with a child being born with CP every hour. CPS's goal is to raise awareness globally for cerebral palsy and other birth injuries....more...

Clonlara School
Clonlara's mission is to provide programs and services that recognize and support a learner’s curiosity, strengths, interests, and talents as the foundation of his or her educational experience. Clonlara offers both online and on-campus programs....more...

Community Housing Network
Community Housing Network's Getting My Own Address (GMOA) program is long-term housing education and planning for persons with disabilities and their families. The program makes clear the steps, options, and choices that are available to plan for housing in the community of one's choice. For questions or to inquire about any of these services, please contact 

Detox to Rehab in Michigan
Detox to Rehab offers a free directory for information regarding addiction, recovery, and alcoholism. Their resources also include information on where local mutual support groups meet.....more...

Disabilities Accommodations Guide
This guide will give you an insight into the steps you can take to ensure your home is disability-friendly, and how to take these steps in the most cost-effective manner possible...more...

At, their mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources, and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery....more....

EMU Autism Collaborative Center

The ACC serves individuals with ASD and related neurodevelopmental disorders – all ages and ability levels. We believe that by addressing the needs of the whole family, we best serve the individual with autism. Our Center is pleased to offer a full range of on-site therapeutic and diagnostic services. In addition, we offer family-oriented celebrations, family and professional education, and sibling support. Please check out the Services section of our website for more details on our offerings....more...

Eton Academy
Eton Academy educates students with reading, attention, and other learning challenges -- building academic skills and self-confidence in an accepting and supportive environment....more...

Family Connections of Michigan
Family Connections of Michigan is a 501c3 organization that provides psychoeducational and therapeutic support for parents and families of children with special needs. Their mission is to support and strengthen parents and families of children with special needs through connections and shared experiences - therapeutic parent support groups....more...

Friends of Different Learners
Friends of Different Learners believe in putting kids first and offering the adults that care about them support, information, and education. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month....more...

Gateway Pediatric Therapy
Gateway Pediatric Therapy utilizes the fundamental principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in order to develop language, social, academic, and daily living/life skills for children ages 0-18 with autism and related disorder. They offer assessment, therapy, treatment, and intervention services which are conducted, either at their clinic or in your home, by expertly trained and educated staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts....more...

Grandparents as Parents
Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County provides support to grandparents and other relatives to better understand the needs of their grandchild, as well as access to community resources. Childcare may be offered for evening events. Adults who are caregivers of children under the age of 18 and who live in Washtenaw County are eligible...more...

Grants for Single Mothers includes a directory of grants for single mothers. Listed are financial assistance programs that help single mothers with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, and medical bills, and housing and mortgages, among others...more...

Greenhills School
Greenhills School is a student-centered community that helps young people realize their full intellectual, ethical, artistic, and athletic potential in preparation for college — and beyond — as curious, creative, and responsible citizens who respect all individuals and their differences, and whose meaningful and balanced lives will better the world....more...

Guide to Disability Claims
The Complete Guide to Disability Claims, Insurance and Benefits is your one-stop source for disability benefit information. If you become disabled and can no longer work, disability insurance plans and government disability programs offer potential sources of replacement income in the form of disability benefit payments.These sources of income can become a lifeline for you and your family should the unthinkable happen....more...

Harbor Oaks Hospital
Harbor Oaks Hospital is a 99-bed short-term inpatient behavioral health facility located in northern Macomb County. Harbor Oaks offers a continuum of care to meet the treatment of individuals throughout the state including inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults; specialized inpatient pediatric unit for children and adolescents with a developmental disability like Autism; inpatient chemical dependency rehabilitation and detoxification for adults; partial Hospitalization for children, adolescents and adults; and Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program for adults...more...

Impact-Full Coaching
Life Coach Suzanne Ostrowski-Dansel specializes in individuals and families impacted by AD/HD. Suzanne is a coaching expert with thirty-five years of experience in the personal, private, and public sector. Coaching is a collaborative, strength-based, goal-oriented, and client-centered approach. Suzanne's coaching assistance motivates clients to clarify goals based on their own values and strengths. Together they collaboratively experiment with strategies and practice skills....more...

Jessica Humiston, Professional Counselor
Jessica Humiston a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor licensed in the state of Michigan.  She works for Excel Employment Options and is now available to deliver therapy services out of their Southfield office. Within the last year, they have been developing an Autism and Support Services department, with the goal to broaden the services that they offer to social skills classes, in-home assessments and consultation for families who have a loved one on the Autism Spectrum, and outpatient therapy services that will be offered to any diagnosis. Jessica is currently accepting clients ages 12 and under and specializes in CBT for Autism and other developmental disabilities, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and working with the LGBTQIA+ community. She also has specialized training in Autism and Sexuality. She accepts private pay for services, offers sliding-scale reduced-fee counseling services based on financial need, is pursuing insurance paneling, and working on partnering with Community Mental Health in Oakland County as well.  517-586-4008 office  248-709-9347 cell

Judson Center Autism Connections
Autism Connections specializes in a comprehensive approach designed to embrace the needs of those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis. They offer FREE intake appointments to provide a recommendation of their services. They aim to connect with families, offer support through therapies and services, and grow with your child through every life stage....more...

Kids in Motion - Pediatric Therapy Services
Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services specializes in pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Information can be found on our website whether you have a child newly diagnosed or a child that has a definitive diagnosis....more...

Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan
LDA of Michigan's mission is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals with learning disabilities and their families through advocacy, education, training, service, and support of research....more...

Levine Benjamin Law Firm
The attorneys of Levine Benjamin advocate for individuals with disabilities and their families in the process of winning social security disability benefits....more...

Lindamood-Bell Learning

For 30 years, Lindamood-Bell has been improving the lives of students. Their research-validated programs develop the skills necessary for reading and comprehension. They believe all students can learn to their potential—including those previously diagnosed with dyslexia,  autism spectrum disorders, or general learning challenges... more...

Literacy, Language, and Learning Institute
The Literacy, Language, and Learning Institute (3LI) was founded in the summer of 2012. Together, we have decades of clinical, teaching, and research experience with literacy, language, and learning difficulties experienced by both children and adults....more...

Living and Learning Enrichment Center

Living and Learning Enrichment Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Rachelle Vartanian. Living and Learning specializes in working with teens & adults who have autism and related challenges. They focus on social skills and job skills....more...

Livingston Educational Service Agency Parent Advisory Committee
ESA PAC is a group of parents of children with disabilities representing the five Livingston County school districts, charter schools, LESA-operated classroom programs, and local community agencies. The PAC meets the second Monday of the month during the school year....more...

Mallory B. Schwartz, M.A., LLPC - Mental Health Therapist/Schwartz Therapy
Mallory Schwartz provides individualized therapy for adolescents, adults, and families. She has experience working with a wide range of needs and populations including (but not limited to): depression, anxiety, family/couples therapy, LGBTQ needs, trauma, self-esteem, and mood disorders...more...

Max Well Physical Therapy & Massage
Max Well Therapy, LLC is based in Flint and Grand Blanc and provides clients with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Massage Therapy Services....more...

McCaskill Family Services
McCaskill  Family Services offers private, confidential psychological evaluations and treatment services to children, adolescents, adults, and families. They specialize in comprehensive evaluations, individual therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, parent coaching, ADHD coaching, and advocating for children in the educational setting.....more...

Merlin's KIDS

Merlin's Kids is a nonprofit organization founded by Canine Expert Janice Wolfe and her doggie partner “Wyatt” a Westminster "Ace" award winner and top service dog. Merlin's Kids saves two lives at a time. They rescue and rehabilitate shelter dogs transforming them into individually trained service dogs for children with autism and special needs, as well as our disabled Veterans...more...  

Michigan Alliance for Families
Michigan Alliance for Families is a statewide resource to connect families of children with disabilities to resources to help improve their children’s education.  We help facilitate parent involvement as a means of improving educational services and outcomes for students with disabilities....more...

Mind Matters Family Neuropsychology

MindMatters is a growing Center for Cognitive and Social Development devoted to accurately identifying the elements of a child's struggles. They believe an in-depth understanding of a child from the inside out is paramount to developing accurate, efficient treatment and educational plans. To meet this goal, they combine comprehensive testing services with sound clinical analyses and collaboration with community professionals - including school personnel, therapists, and physicians - to help each child progress in academic, social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of life....more...

Natasha Kendal
Dr. Natasha Kendal (Dr. Supernanny) provides both traditional, office-based therapy and at-home family therapy coaching and consulting. Dr. Supernanny works with both local (Southeast Michigan) and long-distance families. Long-distance consulting takes place on the phone and via the Internet. Dr. Supernanny combines knowledge of child development, family dynamics, assessment, and diagnosis with goal-oriented strength-based parent coaching....more...

Oakland Neuropsychology Center

Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers comprehensive and individualized neuropsychological evaluations for children and adults. They specialize in identifying specific learning barriers to success and assist in developing an intervention plan based on cognitive profile. Contact Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu - 4190 Telegraph Rd, Suite 2700 - Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 - 248.644.9466...more....

Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS) center and MAAP Services for Autism and Asperger Syndrome have partnered to provide this online resource for families, individuals, and medical professionals affected by or concerned with autism spectrum challenges....more...

Oakland University Center for Autism Research, Education and Support (OUCARES) provides programming and counseling for individuals and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder....more...

Rx Dangers

In 2013 the Mayo Clinic found that nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug each month. The majority of medications are safe for consumption, but Rx Dangers believes in educating the public about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications, many of which have the potential to cause serious side effects. The easy-to-navigate online database is constantly being updated with drug recall news and provides comprehensive, unbiased information about serious side effects, complications, and interactions of commonly prescribed drugs....more... 

Social Security Benefits Guide
Understand how Social Security disability works and how to calculate your benefits....more...

Starr Commonwealth
Starr Commonwealth is internationally recognized as a leader in transformational programs for children, families, schools, and communities. Founded in 1913, Starr’s practices and principles are supported by nearly a century of success in the treatment of troubled youth and confirmed by emerging research in behavior health and neuroscience. Their community-based programs, residential treatment services, day treatment program, and professional training represents the international standard of excellence in identifying, treating, and healing trauma and pain-based behavior and building resiliency in children and adolescents....more...

Stern Law, PLLC: The CP Lawyer
For over 30 years, Stern Law, PLLC has been representing mothers and children who suffered birth injury. These serious injuries are often preventable, but the negligence, incompetence, and misconduct of medical personnel can result in lifelong hardships. Stern Law, PLLC founded this firm because he saw that children who developed cerebral palsy and other conditions due to birth trauma weren't receiving the level of representation and support they deserve....more...

St. Francis Camp on the Lake
St. Francis Camp on the Lake's purpose is to provide developmentally disabled children and adults an opportunity to experience summer camp in a safe and practical environment. The camp's specially designed programs empower campers and provide an environment of dignity, respect, and love....more...

Substance Abuse Prevention
Addiction Center is not a specific treatment facility, instead, they are a free web information guide that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together. Over 20 million people in the United States have some sort of addiction, and over one hundred people die from drug overdoses every day. Addiction Center's goal is to help these individuals and loved ones by providing them with information and support on different substances, addictions, and recovery resources....more...

We Connect Now
We Connect Now is dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on college students and access to higher education and employment issues. One of the goals of this site is to help college students with disabilities to succeed in their studies by getting the information and support they need, both through resources, linksblogs latest news, studying existing laws and regulations , and through personal contacts....more...

Wish Upon a Teen
Wish Upon a Teen was established to provide resources, time, and opportunities to teenagers dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or recovering from injury or chronic illness. This organization plans and uses creative and interactive social and educational events to help rebuild self-esteem in the young people it touches....more...

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy
Wrightslaw provides information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities to parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys. Check out Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities for both local and national resources....more...