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Congratulations on your student’s enrollment and welcome to Aim High School. Aim High School is a proven educational model for students with learning and social differences. Your student is in a school that honors those differences and provides the environment, support, and opportunity for them to thrive and excel academically, behaviorally, and socially. Aim High School cannot cure or make learning disabilities disappear. We strive to provide your student an academic and social experience where they realize their true potential and are enabled and empowered to move on to adulthood to lead independent, productive, and positive lives.

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What current parents are saying about AHS:

Q:  What changes have you seen in your student since they came to Aim High School?

A: "He is a completely different child!  He is so far ahead academically & socially from where he was.  Anxiety is way down and speech is much more fluent and natural.  He also now likes sports!"
- Parent of 15 year-old

A: "My son has learned to work well with others with varying backgrounds and abilities.  The social skills he is learning will be key to his success in the future."
- Parent of 16 year-old

A: "We've seen an increase in self confidence, in academics, and a decrease in anxiety."
- Parent of 14 year-old