Learning Support

Our goal at Aim High is to provide students with the support they need to be successful learners. Our students benefit from an in-house reading specialist, assistive technology, and a variety of accommodations. Below are some of the tools we use to help our students to remain on the path to success and independence.

Reading Specialist
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Aim High has a certified reading specialist on staff to support both our students and teachers. Our reading specialist's responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide in depth, focused reading instruction

  • Work with struggling readers in small groups and/or one-on-one, providing instruction on reading strategies and practice with comprehension skills

  • Assist teachers with struggling readers - push in and/or pull out (either work with students in their classes, or pull them out of their classes to work with them) - determined by student need

  • Co-teach lessons or classes

  • Provide teachers with resources and support

  • Provide professional development in regards to building literacy skills across the curriculum

ComputersAssistive Technology

We utilize assistive technologies that allow students to concentrate on academics and help them overcome handwriting, organization, and visual challenges. Using programs such as MathType, OneNote, Google Read&Write, Join.Me, and Dropbox allow students to demonstrate their intellectual strength rather than their physical struggles. Work is instantly clear, legible, and organized. Immediate feedback helps students workJulie and Jacob - Copy independently with growing confidence. 

A math scribing software that accommodates students with illegible handwriting. This technology pairs with OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and Pages.

A digital notebook to help students overcome issues with organization, handwriting, and visual limitations.

Google Read&Writemathtype
A web-based tool to help students with dyslexia and other reading challenges.

A web-based screen-sharing app that allows near-sighted students to view the computer screen on their personal ipad or tablet.

Personal cloud-based storage that allows teachers and students to store and share their class materials.



Aim High School offers accommodations to students based on their learning styles. Accommodations are an important part of each student's educational development plan and are formulated to meet current research and state guidelines. Over time, the students are trained to assess their own needs and advocate for their future.

Accommodations used at Aim High include but are not limited to:

Extended time for completion of assignments or tests
Use of binder and planner system
Assistance with note taking accom
Working in small groups
Reduction of paper/pencil tasks
Utilizing study sheets/summary sheets/outlines of most important facts
Assessing through alternatives to paper/pencil tests and quizzes
Use of assistive technology/computer for task completion and presentation