Our Model

A general education solution addressing special learning needs!

An Evidence Based Educational Model

During the first several years of our program, a University of Michigan School of Education research group conducted pre and post testing with our students. The results of that study showed significant gains in social language skills each year for all of our students. While the study is no longer ongoing, we recognize that the assessments helped our teachers understand the range of learning styles in their classrooms and generate a school-wide set of goals and strategies for the improvement of processing skills. With that, we have incorporated a Communications and Life Skills class into our curriculum for students who need more direct instruction in social language skills. Students in this class have shown appreciable gains in executive function—especially inhibition control and cognitive flexibility.

Curriculum Features:

  • High School and Middle School programs
  • Core academics as prescribed by the MMC
  • Full range of electives including drama, computer science, music, art, and technology
  • Communication and life skills
  • Health and wellness
  • After school homework groups with teachers
  • Transition planning including college visits, ACT prep, and job internships
  • Fifth year option for dual enrollment at post-secondary school

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The curriculum of Aim High School is designed to educate each student both academically and socially. With a range of learning experiences such as labs, small groups, project-based learning, and discussion, each class gives a balanced, dynamic approach to learning. Small class sizes and individually targeted curriculum enable our teachers to address each student as an individual. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or out in the community, we work to fulfill the school’s mission: to provide an excellent education to students and prepare them for a successful independent future.

At Aim High, we focus on providing excellent academics through individualized instruction and personalized curriculum. Small class sizes allow our teachers to give your student personal attention and provide hands-on learning that brings together classroom concepts and real-world applications. Student success is facilitated through accommodations that align with the Michigan Merit Curriculum standards....more...

Communications and Life Skills

In addition to preparing each student to meet his or her college and career goals, we believe it is important to be prepared for life outside of academia. A multidisciplinary communications and life skills curriculum builds social skills and awareness. We interweave social instruction, communication training, and practical life skills into our curriculum....more...

Health and Wellness

To help our students achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we offer a program of health, nutrition, and physical education. All students have the opportunity to take this course for the duration of their high school career. Athletics and physical fitness promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork. Setting and pursuing personal fitness and nutrition goals teach the fundamentals for lifelong wellness....more...

At Aim High, we believe there is more to life than academic success. We want our students to thrive in all aspects of their lives!  Through a variety of elective offerings, students are able to explore and expand on their creative, technical, and physical interests and abilities...more...

Learning Support

Our goal at Aim High is to provide students with the support they need to be successful learners. Our students benefit from an in-house reading specialist, assistive technology, and a variety of accommodations. We utilize a plethora of tools to help our students remain on the path to success and independence

After-School Program

Our after-school clubs and  homework groups help students succeed academically while developing friendships and improving social skills. Teachers hold office hours after school to help students finish assignments or even play the occasional game of ping-pong....more...

Summer Semester

In addition to the academic year, Aim High School offers a summer semester for students during the month of July. Summer semester is a great way for students to keep mentally, physically, and socially active during the summer. Our curriculum blends academics, communication, wellness, and life skills. The first half of our day is dedicated to project-based learning, academic skill building, and credit completion; the second half focuses on physical fitness and practical life skills. Summer semester at Aim High School gives students a well-rounded educational experience with a healthy dose of fun....more...

Transition Planning

At Aim High we believe that anytime you are about to make a change in life, you need to have a solid plan. This requires personal reflection, research, and good information. Aim High’s transition program strives to give students the tools they need to choose the right path for them. Whether it be college, vocational, or the work place. In order to assist students with their transition planning, we have incorporated a Student Advisor Program, Career Exploration, Dual Enrollment Options, a Transition Binder, and a Senior Seminar into our curriculum....more...