Health & Wellness

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To help our students achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we offer a program of health, nutrition, and physical education. All students have the opportunity to take this course for the duration of their high school career. Athletics and physical fitness promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork. Setting and pursuing personal fitness and nutrition goals teach the fundamentals for lifelong wellness.

Do students need to be athletic to participate in gym?
Students do not need to be "athletic" to learn the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet. We incorporate all types of body movement exercises and coordination drills, cooperative games, etc.  to help students who feel "un-athletic" gain the confidence in their body to be active and healthy after they leave Aim High School.

How do you incorporate health and wellness into the PE class?384544_160508764049813_1602442373_n - Copy
We have a "Fact of the Day" which we use as a learning tool for the students. These facts are information regarding the positive impact regular exercise can have on stress relief, brain function, heart health, mental health, etc. We will also be working with the American Heart association throughout the winter to hold informational classes for the students.

What activities are planned for the gym students this year?
In addition to our typical physical education activities, we visit the Total Sports Complex in Farmington Hills every two weeks so the students can experience a big open area to exercise instead of the smaller gym at the school. We have teacher vs. student football and soccer games in the winter and spring. We are also planning a few driving range trips this spring to see if golf peaks any of the students' interest.