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      Aim High has gone remote, but the learning and growing doesn't stop!
                   Hear and see what school is like for our Hawks@Home!

      What have you learned about yourself during this time so far as a Hawk at home?
I learned that I like working at home but I miss my teachers Charlie
and friends at school.

-- Finn

I learned that I like to go to regular school more than home-school.
I learned that real school is more fun than I thought it was.
-- Charlie

Having this break has really given me time to figure out my future--
and I think I know what it will be.
Ari Giske - Copy
-- Greyson

That even though we have to be home, I can still communicate
with my friends on my computer.

-- Tom

I have learned many things during quarantine so far. I've learned I Chelsea
can fit 3 Samoas cookies in my mouth. I've also discovered many

funny jokes during this time.

-- Ari

I love to play video games and I do not like waking up early.
-- Shae

I'm much more productive when I'm working from home.
-- Alex
Brooklyn and class - redacted - Copy
That it is healthy to go outside. Getting a breath of fresh air has
never felt so good.

-- Sunjay

I have learned that I don't do very well when I'm surrounded by
no one but my family, with no option to see my friends. Also, I tend
to turn to crafts when I'm tired of doing the same thing.

-- Kylee

I learned that doing this is similar to when I was homeschooled and
I settled in quickly.

-- Kristina

I have learned how to be more patient.
-- Hayden

I was able to adapt to online learning pretty quick.Connor Baughman
-- Sareen

That I'm a bit more annoyed than usual.
-- Ethan

That I love it because I'm more comfortable at home.
-- Aaron
Hawk Talk
I'm learning that I'm more bored at home than at school.
-- William

That school can be fun if you let it.
-- Joshua

How to sit for a long time.
-- Jake

                 What has been your biggest challenge so far as a Hawk at home? 

My biggest challenge is not being able to see my teachers and
in person.Molly Malek
-- Lexi

Switching to online has been the challege.
-- Aiden

I miss my students and coworkers. I don't like being alone all day.
-- Ms. M

Video chats, listening to lectures in History and concentrating.Tyler Gusick - Copy
-- Connor

Getting along with siblings.
-- Logan

Getting my work done right has been a big challenge, and not being
around my friends.

-- BrooklynLucas1 - Copy

My mindset that 'being at home means I can relax'.
-- Noah

My biggest challenge is mostly keeping a normal sleep schedule so
I can wake up on time.

-- KateEdmond Cicotte

Struggling sitting in my bed doing classes. 
-- Emma

I'm gonna miss going on field trips. I don't like to miss going to
places I like.

-- Charlie

Not being with my school club.Ella Gorde-White
-- Joshua

Being exposed to my family for extended periods of time.
-- Matt

My biggest challenge so far is getting past executive dysfunction. I have
many things that I need to do, and things that I want to do.

-- Michael

Getting my assignments done on time. 
-- Allison

Not being able to leave my house.
-- Zane

My biggest challenge was how to upload work to the AWW board.
-- Connor

                                What has made you laugh during this time?
Lexi Hack - Copy
When I felt sick one night and my sister came downstairs, I told her and
she started telling me to stay away and calling me "corona".

-- Kylee

During this time the thing that keeps me laughing is FaceTiming my friends.
-- Lexi

Being able to view students in their home environment. Students sending 
me pictures of their work with them in it. 
-- Ms. U
Making great jokes on Jackbox.tv with my classmates and teachers! 
-- Ryan

I have been FaceTiming with friends and family and that has been a great
way to laugh and to communicate.

-- Ms. P

My teachers seeing my dog and saying "oh my god she is so cute!" Sareen and class 2 - redacted
in class.

-- Finn

I have gained a love for talking to myself in a mirror. Let me tell you,
I am hilarious.

-- Joey
Connor C
My mom always makes laugh because of her sarcasm and laughter. 
-- Chelsea

Talking to my friends and joking around with them.
-- Marco

Jokes that me and my dad tell each other. 
-- Jackson
Josh G
Hearing a student’s toilet flush during a video call.
-- Allison

How funny kids can be when they are in their element.
-- Alex

Funny stuff I find on the internet, stuff I talk about with my brothers.
-- Greyson
Brendan 2
I find solace in irony.
-- Matt

People dealing with my jokes.
-- Joshua