Transition Planning

The Aim High Transition Program is designed to help students prepare for life after high school - whether that be college enrollment, vocational training, or the workforce. New expectations, social situations, and personal responsibilities can be overwhelming. To ease this changeover, we incorporate transition planning into our curriculum.  Our staff devotes time to working with parents and students to develop a path for students' post secondary plans.

At Aim High we believe that anytime you are about to make a change in life, you need to have a solid plan. This requires personal reflection, research, and good information. Aim High’s transition program strives to give students the tools they need to choose the right path for them. Whether it be college, vocational, or the work place. In order to assist students with their transition planning, we have incorporated a Student Advisor Program, Career Exploration, Dual Enrollment Options, a Transition Binder, a Senior Seminar, and a Fifth Year/Transition Year into our curriculum.

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Aim High School’s mission is to provide a high quality education in which our students grow academically and socially and graduate from high school prepared for a successful, independent future. To fulfill our mission, our students need a solid foundation of transition skills. Aim High’s Student Advisor Program is designed to help our students build their transition skills and achieve this ultimate goal. Each academic year, students are paired with one of our teachers who will serve as their Student Advisor. We identify specific academic, social, and home goals for each student. The Student Advisors are assigned to 6-8 students and are responsible for focusing them on the path to achieve these goals and provide academic advising, help students sort out problems with classes, improve social interactions, and more.

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Career Exploration

Career Exploration begins as early as middle school when students may be identified to participate in our Technology Track -- the goal is to provide Aim High graduates with skills that lead to employment in the technology field. Preparation for college entrance exams begins early in high school for those students pursuing college admission and students are able to take the ACT on site at Aim High. Our transition coordinator works with students to visit colleges and complete/submit college applications. To assist students in exploring career possibilities, we provide job shadowing, mock interviews, work and social skills training, and work study opportunities.

Dual Enrollment Optionsostc-logo
In 11th and 12th grade, students have the option to enroll part-time in local colleges or technical programs. We currently have students attending Oakland Community College, Oakland Technical Center, as well as other programs. These students spend part of the day in the college/technical still0012 - Copyprogram and the remainder of their day at Aim High working on classwork toward graduation. We also offer dual enrollment to recent graduates of Aim High. These students may receive post-secondary academic tutoring, job and social skills training, and/or job shadowing and work study opportunites.

Transition Binder
Understanding our strengths, interests, and talents is a critical piece of transition planning. We begin this process by building an individual Transition Binder for each student. This binder helps families gather and organize important documents students need as they move into the adult world. Self-advocacy, keeping records, employment and career, post-secondary education and training, community participation, and independent living are the areas covered in the binder. For more details about each section, click here.

AIM 10072015 09 - CopySenior Seminar
Senior Seminar is the culmination of Aim High School’s Transition Program. The course is required for most 12th grade students at Aim High. While the focus is on postsecondary education, introduction to topics like financial planning, budgeting, contract law, and independent living are also part of this course. Students complete financial aid applications (FAFSA), organize and identify documents needed to help them acquire services from college staff and employers, along with completing required units from Aim High’s consumer math curriculum. Students have an opportunity to work or intern with various businesses in the community and volunteer in some capacity two hours per week at school. College visits and campus tours are also organized for students interested in postsecondary education. Upcoming Events and Completed Tours/Visits

Fifth Year/Transition Year
Our Fifth Year/Transition Year is as individual as our students. During the Fifth Year, students are able to complete remaining credits towards graduation, receive college homework assistance from our certified teachers, pursue career exploration, continue working on social skills, and/or participate in networking, work skills & job shadowing. The Fifth Year curriculum allows our students to follow their own road and timeline to success by providing the flexibility and guidance needed as they transition to adulthood and independence.