After-School Program and Clubs

Our after-school clubs and homework groups help students succeed academically while developing friendships and improving social skills. Teacher-facilitated time, provides the opportunity for students to complete homework before they leave for the day. Supervision is available from 3:45 - 5:30 pm each day.         

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Clubs/Activities Offered
- subject to change based on student interest

Board Games
Drama Club
Gym Games
Aim High Newspaper
Student Council (juniors/seniors only)

Questions and Answers:

Do students have a choice to attend homework help or do the teachers determine who attends?
The after-school program is optional for students, however, if a student starts falling behind or we feel he/she needs the extra assistance, we often suggest (and occasionally require) the student to take advantage of the after school help. 

How many students participate in the after-school program?
Our after-school program is open to all students - both middle and high school! On any given day approximately 50% of the student body (~30 students) stays after school to receive homework help, participate in a club, or simply hang out with friends.

What after school activities are available for students if they don’t have homework or if they finish before parents pick them up?
When students are finished with their work, they can participate in gym activities (basketball/four square), play board games, participate with the robotics club, or have free time to relax after a successful day at school.

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"We've gotten our family time back in the evenings! No more struggling to complete hours and hours
of homework.
The after-school program at Aim High is great!"

- AHS Parent