High School

Our high school program was established in 2011 and follows the Michigan Merit Curriculum standards (please note the MMC contains a provision for a “Personal Curriculum” based on a documented learning disability). Our students graduate with a State of Michigan diploma. We engage students in a learning experience that combines strong academics and life skills with the goal of producing graduates with integrity and character ready to lead independent and rewarding lives.

At Aim High School, we focus on abilities rather than disabilities by building on our students’ strengths. It is our philosophy to meet the student where they are and take them to the next level according to how they learn. Strong teacher-student relationships, small classes, assistive technologies, and accommodations make this possible. Our certified teachers are experts in their content area and adept at combining traditional teaching methods with hands-on learning experiences.

Curriculum Features:

  • Core academics as prescribed by the MMC - visit our Academic Departments 
  • Full range of electives including drama, physical education, art, and robotics
  • Communication and life skills
  • Health and wellness
  • After school homework groups with teachers
  • Transition planning including college visits, ACT prep, and job internships
  • Dual enrollment at post-secondary school  

Academic Roadmap
Click on this link to view a typical educational path that most students at Aim High will follow from 9th grade and beyond graduation.

Graduation Requirements and Course Offerings 
Contains courses that are currently offered at Aim High and the breakdown of credits required for graduation.