Middle School

The Middle School was established in 2014 to provide our educational model to students in grades 6-8. Our mission is to develop students’ abilities, talents, and interests through literacy, exploration, communication, organization, and wellness objectives.

AIM  c
We focus on abilities rather than disabilities by building on our students' strengths. It is our philosophy to meet the students where they are and take them to the next level according to how they learn. Strong teacher-student relationships, small classes, assistive technology, and accommodations make this possible.   

Middle School Model:AIM  cr

  • Small school and small class size
  • Strong teacher-student relationships
  • Individualized curriculum, accommodations, and assessment
  • Literacy and language processing skill-building and communication skill-building
  • Executive functioning improvement and organizational skill-building featuring a binder system
  • Exploratory math curriculum focused on student estimation and problem-solving skills
  • Communication class using age-appropriate
    social situations
  • Health and wellness